Cupcake Baker...gorgeous cupcakes, wedding cakes, celebration and party cakes throughout Oxford and Oxfordshire.

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Cupcake Baker cupcakes Oxford and Oxfordshire, simply the best...our clients love our cakes!Cupcake Baker cupcakes Oxford and Oxfordshire, simply the best...our clients love our cakes! Bookmark and Share


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Novelty cupcakes
Celebration cupcakes for adults and children
We produce a number of different designs for children's birthdays,
Hen parties and novelty birthday cakes. The cakes require a lot of hand
work and are priced at £3.00 each in a choice of flavours with a minimum order of twelve cakes. Drop us an e-mail with your party theme and we'll help you with ideas. or ring 01235 533370

Above: 'Dr Who' birthday cakes

we also produce cupcakes with edible fondant printed images.
They are priced at £2.30 each. US army theme cupcakes shown.

Above: 'Medical' cupcakes for hospital staff

Above: Thomas the Tank Engine cupcakes, all egg free.





Cupcake Baker, 6 High Street, Culham, Abingdon, Oxfordshire
OX14 4NB

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Above: 'Angry Birds' theme
Above: 'Mad Hatter' party theme

Above: 'Garfield' theme
Above: 'Dinosaur' theme